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'Kruidenier Trail Bridge’ by Steve J Berger | Art Panel

'Kruidenier Trail Bridge’ by Steve J Berger | Art Panel

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By Steve J Berger
Founding Member, Symfonx Artists Collective

Lights reflecting off snow on the KruidenierTrail Bridge. Gray’s Lake Park, Des Moines, IA.

Steve J Berger is a landscape, nature and fine art photographer based in Williams, Arizona who believes allure and beauty can be found anywhere. For Steve, photography is about understanding the moment, observing surroundings with intention, looking for natural beauty in the light and shadow, lines and patterns or scenery. With a keen eye for detail, he looks for a story that would otherwise remain hidden. His goal is to capture that story with his camera and bring it forward in a way for others to see.

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Customer Reviews

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Betty Phan
Amazing product!

Very well made, beautiful and fits the speaker very well which makes me want to buy more :)

Joe H
Great product

Picture looks great, and magnet connection to speaker is so much better than the pushpins that Ikea uses.

Bryan Bellah
Amazing quality and individuality

Thank you so much for helping me make my system really MINE!

Victor Palomares

‘Space Oddity’ by David Bowie | Art Panel

Chuck Fresh
AMAZING quality and service!

I ordered an art panel for our IKEA wall speaker for my wife with her favorite photo of us and a sweet message for our anniversary. It was easy to submit the order, and it arrived quickly. She LOVED it! Now it’s not just a speaker, it’s an artistic keepsake.

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