Decorative Accessories for IKEA’s Symfonisk Speakers

Sonos and IKEA got together a few years ago and set out to create a line of great sounding, affordable, Sonos-compatible audio speakers.

Symfonx recognized an opportunity to make those speakers even better!

Finally, your Symfonisk speakers can look as good as they sound.

Symfonx Art Panels for IKEA Frame Speaker

Bespoke artistic expressions capturing your mood, decor, special occasions, and more. To replace IKEA Symfonisk’s generic panel.

Art Panels incorporate Symfonx‘s totally unique MagPin attachment method allowing you to swap from one Symfonx Art Panel to another in seconds. No tools required!

  • RecombinantCulture

    If you're going to have some art on your speaker, wouldn't it make sense to have that art be music-related? That way, you could have the same song ON your speaker as coming OUT of your speaker!

    The Premise is this:

    What if your favourite songs were actually retro vintage pulp paperbacks, in a parallel universe? Well, their covers might look something like this. Or if they were movies, their posters would look like this! The semiotician will tell you they're examples of narrative congruence expressed through vertical intertextuality, but, really, they're just great fun.

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  • Andy Zig

    Andy “Zig” Leipzig is a contemporary artist whose work crosses the boundaries of classical art and modern technology. Diametrically opposed themes, He weaves together the visual language of fine art and the media driven realities of the modern world into an extraordinarily powerful synthesis and an incisive comment on art, perception and the human condition.

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  • Steve J Berger

    Steve is a landscape, nature and fine art photographer based in Williams, Arizona who believes allure and beauty can be found anywhere. For Steve, photography is about understanding the moment, observing surroundings with intention, looking for natural beauty in the light and shadow, lines and patterns or scenery. With a keen eye for detail, he looks for a story that would otherwise remain hidden. His goal is to capture that story with his camera and bring it forward in a way for others to see.

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Bookshelf Speaker Covers

Now your speakers can look as good as they sound. Quick and... 

Change Up Your Look

Symfonx Speaker Covers and Art Panels are designed to make it easy to swap out covers to fit your mood, your style, or just for fun!

Their unique and innovative MagPin attachment method allows you to swap from one Symfonx Speaker Cover to another in seconds.

No tools required!

Designed and Handmade in America

Symfonx prides itself on sourcing its materials from suppliers in the US. And you can rest assured that each order is backed by a guarantee of perfect products, backed up with exceptional support - or your money back.