Collection: Andy "Zig" Leipzig

Art was never a choice for me but a calling. I don't restrict myself to a color palette or medium. I pursue works that don't necessarily belong together yet when combined, convey a mood, a commentary or tell a story.

For over a decade I was Art Director for Grumman Aerospace and Northrop Grumman's Space Systems Division and Electronics Integration. Developing front end marketing graphics. Winning over a billion dollars in awards for projects I've proudly been a part of. Have worked on international projects and companies such as JBL, Toyota Racing Division, NASA and every branch of the military, Art Basel and now have the privilege of working with Symfonx for IKEA.

I've consistently painted. Always have had shows. Always supported community arts and challenge myself to create works that inspire. By being a painter prior to the onset of computer graphics, it was a natural progression to incorporate that into my artwork. Mixed Media has been a tool in my toolbox for as long as I can remember. Now, taking it to a level that challenges me to do works that have vision.